Episode 3

Trauma is Trauma is Trauma

Published on: 19th September, 2022

"I'm doing the best I can with what I have at the moment, and that's enough."

In today's episode, we discuss Little t trauma and big T traumas and how they continue to affect people throughout their lifetimes. There is so much information out there on childhood trauma and the emotional toll takes on your mental and physical health, almost too much information for us to research on it that it creates overload and overwhelm.

We need to address what happened to us, and then we need to address how we dealt with what happened to us, followed by our coping skills, that's where the real journey to healing begins. Trauma itself means wound and it is just that an internal wound. We have to realize that for a lot of people trauma or the wound is what didn't happen to them that should have. We want to normalize all the feelings we feel and hold space for you all to express what you feel and navigate the journey together.

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Brooke & Anna

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