Episode 1

Welcome to the RSVP: Maybe Podcast

Published on: 5th September, 2022

Life is messy; let's laugh about it! In this episode, Brooke and Anna, friends and now co-hosts, introduce you to the inspiration behind RSVP: Maybe and share more about who we are, how we know each other, and what to expect from the show each week.

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About the Podcast

Self Improvement
RSVP: Maybe is a weekly podcast series for the extraverted introverts - those of us who are desperately seeking ourselves. Brooke Collins is a life strategist who has made it her heart's mission to empower others to empower themselves, Anna King is an old soul whose journey to heal past trauma has been anything but boring. Join them as they share impactful stories and insights from past experiences, as well as honest, uncensored stories by people just like you, asking the tough questions about how they overcame personal obstacles to get to where they are today. Honest, real, and raw, each episode will leave you inspired, entertained, and empowered. RSVP: Maybe centers around getting real, being vulnerable, and finding those common denominators that connect us all.

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